Suffer from chronic health issues? Eat real food!

When you’re starting on a new health journey, knowing what to eat can seem confusing. For starters, there is a ton of conflicting advice out there, with proponents of each diet insisting their diet is the healthiest. The truth is, the best diet depends on which one...

What is Leaky Gut and Why Should You Care

Is leaky gut as bad as it sounds? Does stuff really leak out of your intestines? The truth is, contents of the small intestine do escape through the wall into the bloodstream. It also can be pretty bad by way of triggering many different inflammatory disorders and...

Having Difficulty Losing Weight? Consider Underlying Health Issues

Do you keep trying weight loss diets but can’t seem to drop the pounds? Are you instead exhausted and frustrated by an ever growing layer of fat? Calorie-restricted diets have been popular for decades as a way to lose weight, but clearly more is at play as many people...

Nature is Powerful Medicine for Your Body and Brain

Have you ever wondered why a walk in the woods makes you feel so good? While that Zen feeling is partly about “getting away from it all,” studies show time in nature is also powerfully therapeutic for the body and brain. More than half of the world’s population...

The Underlying Causes of Allergies

The beginning of Spring and Summer seems like a good thing until your allergies go haywire. If you’re tired of allergy medications and always feeling stuffed up and zonked out, consider lasting relief by healing your gut to balance your immune system. For many people...

Why Do You Need to Take Supplements, Even if You Eat a Good Diet?

Many people say  “You don’t need to take supplements if you eat a good diet.” Although a good diet is essential to good health, supplements play an instrumental role in various health conditions. People who don’t understand the value of supplements think they are a...

Embrace Aging to Stay Youthful

Aging can cause us to feel invisible and unwanted in a society that worships youth. However, the key to staying youthful into your latter years doesn’t lay in the hands of your hair stylist or medical spa, but instead in your attitude. Research shows internalizing...

Omega 6 and 3 fats: The Good and the Bad

  For decades, media experts have promoted a diet high in omega 6 fats — found in corn, soybean, canola, and safflower — to lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease. We now know excess omega 6 fatty acids is connected to type 2 diabetes, heart...

Dieting Can Make You Fat

In one of the most overfed populations in human history, the weight loss diet is almost an obsession. Despite plenty of scientific evidence that many diets don’t produce lasting results for most people and despite countless numbers of dieters, most of them women,...

Leaky Gut — 11 Different Causes and How it Can Wreck Your Life

If you’ve been doing internet searches to learn how to manage a chronic health condition, chances are you’re heard of leaky gut. Leaky gut is what it sounds like — the lining of the intestines have become “leaky,” allowing undigested foods, bacteria, and other...

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