High and Low Blood Sugar

When you eat carbohydrates, starches and sugar, the body converts it glucose or “blood sugar” to transport it around your body. All the cells in your body use blood sugar as fuel.  Blood sugar is the essential fuel that runs our body. All the cells in the body need a constant steady supply of glucose.  This steady level of blood sugar is controlled by how often you eat, what you eat and by insulin, which is secreted by your pancreas.  Insulin opens the doors to your cells to allow the glucose to enter the cell to be turned into energy. It is kind of like your car.  If you run low on fuel, your body will sputter and shake.  If you have too much fuel, your engine will flood and the engine will stall.  If your blood sugar gets too high or too low, your body releases surges of insulin. These surges of insulin can cause inflammation throughout your body and trigger your adrenal glands release cortisol and epinephrine (stress hormones).  So chronic surges of insulin can lead to adrenal fatigue and other hormone imbalances. The two main problems are elevated blood sugar or hyper-glycemia, which can lead insulin resistance and type II diabetes. The other problem is low blood sugar, reactive hypoglycemia or hypoglycemia. Here are some common symptoms of blood sugar imbalances:

High Blood Sugar

Crave sweets during the day

Irritable if meals are missed

Depend on coffee to keep going/get started

Get light-headed if meals are missed

Eating relieves fatigue

Feel shaky, jittery, or have tremors

Agitated, easily upset, nervous

Poor memory/forgetful

Blurred vision

Low Blood Sugar

Fatigue after meals

Crave sweets during the day

Eating sweets does not relieve cravings for sugar

Must have sweets after meals

Waist girth is equal or larger than hip girth

Frequent urination

Increased thirst and appetite

Difficulty losing weight

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