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Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis (FBCA) is one of the most important tools to get a clear picture of the health of the body. FBCA uses standard blood tests to not only look for potential disease processes, but also about how all the systems of the are working.  In conventional medicine the doctors are only looking to see, if the patient's test are outside the laboratory range. If so then the patient might have an obvious medical condition.  With FBCA we look at the blood test with with greater scrutiny. To see if part of the body isn't functioning correctly and might be cause the of ill health or may later lead to disease.  Conventional medicine uses a bell curve analysis of all the people who have blood tests at the lab--- healthy or not. They use a wider range of acceptable lab values. Look at the test example below.  On the right you will see 2 columns titled Functional Ranges and Laboratory Ranges. If you go down the columns and compare, you will notice that the Functional Ranges are often much narrower than the Laboratory Ranges. BUN or Blood Urea Nitrogen is a good example. The Functional Ranges were "Normal" ranges in the past, when people were healthier.This why many people go to doctor only to hear "everything looks just fine".

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