Auriculotherapy is a form of ear acupuncture without needles.  Instead of needles a non-invasive form of microcurrent electrical stimulation is applied to the external ear for the relief of pain, addiction, cravings and the support of healing processes throughout the whole body. Only a mild tingle or sting is felt.  There are points on the ear that correspond to almost every part of the body.

Auriculotherapy chart

 While Auriculotherapy first began with ancient Chinese acupuncture, the late Dr. Paul Nogier developed the current methods in France utilizing painless stimulation without needles. In the 1950’s he began to notice that several of his patients had an unusual scar on a specific area of the ear. The patients informed him that the scar was a treatment for sciatica done by a local doctor, which had given them relief of the sciatic pain within hours or minutes of treatment. He became very interested and began studying this phenomenon and research.  He began mapping other reflex areas in the external ear related to other disorders and complaints. Over the years points on the ear for almost every part of the body were discovered.  This is the technique we now know today as Auriculotherapy began.  In the last 30 years many research studies have been performed on Auriculotherapy and most have shown a positive benefit.

I use the Stim Flex 400, which of the most accurate instruments. I have used this in my Novato office since 1990.

Stim Flex 400 used for ear acupuncture or auriculotherapy in Novato, CA

Here is some more information from where I received training in Auriclulotherapy:

Research has found that Auriculotherapy is effective for many conditions. Some of these include:

Back Pain, Headaches, Bursitis, Shoulder Pain, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Tennis Elbow, TMJ, Dizziness, Vertigo, Hypertension, Asthma, Insomnia, ADD/ ADHD, Shingles, Tinnitus, Neuro-sensory Deafness, Macular Degeneration,  Burns, Psoriasis, Addictions for Nicotine, Alcohol and other Drugs, Appetite Control.

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      I was constantly in pain.  The pain was in my neck and back.  My results have been EXCELLENT.  I can do almost anything I want to do and not be in terrible pain.  I think Dr. Whittlesey is excellent.  I will recommend him to everybody.

      Luis R. -
      Novato, CA



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