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The bones and joints of the arms and legs can also become stuck or misaligned. Falls, flat feet (pronation), auto accidents and other trauma can cause the joints to become stuck and irritated in addition to being sprained. Typically this problem manifests as pain in a joint or in the surrounding muscles that didn't resolve after rest or standard medical treatment. A classic example is a sprained ankle that still hurts or feels weak even years after the initial injury. Carpal tunnel syndrome is often the result of bones in the wrist that are misaligned and pushing on the nerves that pass through the carpal tunnel. These types of problems usually respond very well to an adjustment. An extremity adjustment is a force applied by hand or the instrument to the stuck joint to make it move normally again. Also with foot and leg problems, I often will make foot orthotics (shoe inserts).

extremity adjustment using the Impulse instrument in narin county ca

Here is the main training organization for extremity adjusting, where I received my training: