Neuro Emotional Technique

I my office I use a great mind/body stress reduction technique called Neuro Emotional technique (NET).  Neuro Emotional Technique unlocks emotions and stress stored in the body.  Emotions are normal and usually don’t cause any long term problems.  But sometimes when our body is weak or emotional incident is very strong, the emotion or stress can become stuck in our body.  These stored memories create a conditioned response kind of like Pavlov’s Dogs. Over time this stored stress can cause a breakdown of health.

NET combine’s chiropractic, western natural medicine and acupuncture to discover and neutralize the stored stress in our body.  The technique is very simple and easy for the patient.  It is not psychotherapy.  Using muscle testing we first find out if there is stored stress related to any particular problem.  Then we find out which acupuncture meridian is related to that stress or emotion.  Then we test to see which emotion is associated with the problem.  And then finally we neutralize the stress by contacting acupuncture points. After the correction, many patients report feeling that a heavy weight has been lifted from their shoulders.

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Candice Pert PhD found that emotions actually create molecules- she called them “molecules of emotion”.  These molecules are called neuro-peptides.  These peptides circulate throughout the body and interact with all the cell receptors of the body.   This is how emotions can cause a breakdown of health in different parts of our body.  Chinese medicine also found that emotions and stress can disturb the acupuncture meridians running throughout the body and cause disharmony of our body’s energetic system.  They discovered that there are  certain emotions related to each meridian.

Neuro Emotional Technique is used by thousands of doctors around the world.  Many research studies have been performed and have validated NET.

Here are some videos and information about NET:

I use NET in conjunction with functional medicine and meridian therapy to restore health.  Call me at my Novato office to start feeling better.


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      I was constantly in pain.  The pain was in my neck and back.  My results have been EXCELLENT.  I can do almost anything I want to do and not be in terrible pain.  I think Dr. Whittlesey is excellent.  I will recommend him to everybody.

      Luis R. -
      Novato, CA



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