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Sacro-Occipital Technique (SOT) is a gentle technique that uses block or wedges, gentle movements, and non-force adjustments to remove misalignment and tension in the pelvis, spine, cranium (skull) and all tissues in between.  There is no popping or twisting. SOT is based on the interrelationship of sacrum (base of the spine) and occipital (base of the skull) and other bones of the cranium. Osteopaths in the early 1900s found that there is rhythmic movement that pulses in the bones of the skull and the sacrum in the pelvis.  Chiropractors also found that when the bones of the head and neck move that there is movement in the in the lumbar and sacrum areas.  Any interruption to these movements in one area will also cause interruption in the movements in the other area. SOT corrects the decreased movement and built up tension with gentle pressure and the leverage of the blocks.

SOT blocking used by Novato chiropractor Dr. James Whittlesey

 SOT is a comprehensive Chiropractic technique pioneered and developed through study and research by Dr. M. B. DeJarnette. For more than fifty years Dr. DeJarnette researched and studied the  anatomy and physiology of the body and clinically found that human structural distortion falls into three basic groups. He labeled these groups as Categories I, II, and III.

The foundation of the human structure is the pelvis. The pelvis supports the spine and skull, the shoulders and arms. The feet also influence the alignment of the pelvis and the rest of the body. The internal organs are suspended by connective tissue that attach to the spine and pelvis. The large upper thigh and important back muscles, including those responsible for neck and shoulder stability are attached to the pelvis. All these structures must be balanced, coordinated and maintained by a stable pelvis in order to allow for normal nerve function. This technique works really well with Impulse Adjusting and Applied Kinesiology.

I am one of the few Novato Chiropractors who use this great technique. Here is a the website for SOT:  https://www.sorsi.com/