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Auto Accident Injuries

I have extensive knowledge and experience in treating people injured in auto accidents. One of the first jobs I had after graduating chiropractic college in 1986 was in a clinic that treated nothing but people injured in car accidents. I then ran the clinic. For three years I saw many patients- some with minor injuries and some with severe injuries. Since then I have treated over 2000 people injured in car accidents.  People really do suffer from these injuries, even if the insurance company doesn’t believe it.  And in most cases they were simply minding their own business, when out of the blue someone else crashed into their car.  Even minor accidents can cause injuries that linger for a long time and should be taken seriously. Because of all injuries and suffering I saw I undertook extensive training in Chiropractic orthopedics and soft tissue injury treatment. Even to this day I am still learning new methods and techniques to aid in faster and more improved recovery from auto accident injuries.

In most cases the patient pays nothing for their treatment, because most of the time your med-pay insurance (medical benefits) or the other car’s insurance will pay all the costs. In my office I work with personal injury (PI) attorneys to protect your case.  I accept personal injury liens.  In addition we bill Medpay and health insurance plans.  I prepare all necessary paperwork and reports that your insurance company or attorney requires. Documentation is vital in an auto accident injury case. I have 28 years of experience in examining and documenting injuries.  I was Qualified Medical Evaluator (QME) for Workers Compensation for 15 years. So I am used evaluating and documenting injuries. Good documentation helps protect the case and allows me to accept personal injury liens. I speak Spanish.  I am one of the few Spanish speaking chiropractors in Marin County.

My low force (no popping or twisting) techniques are ideal for treating injuries resulting from car accidents.  The adjustments are very non-invasive and will not re-injure or over stretch injured ligaments, tendons or discs.  I also use ultrasound, interferential electrical stimulation, Microcurrent stimulation, cold laser and several massage or soft tissue treatments to help speed the healing process. Many of the other techniques listed in the Services and Techniques. I help people injured in car accidents in Novato, Marin County, Sonoma County and the surrounding areas.

When someone is in an auto collision, hundreds of pounds of pressure are placed on the neck, spine, and muscles at very high velocity. This type of injury is called an “Acceleration /Deceleration Injury” The damage caused by this kind of event can cause a lifetime of pain and discomfort. The moment an accident occurs every person involved in the incident has experiences some degree of misalignment or subluxation, some more severe than others. In addition the ligaments and muscles of the spine and other areas are damaged. An auto accident can cause serious injuries, no matter how slow of a speed nor how little damage there was to the vehicle. The body can potentially be dealing with issues that can last  for many years.

After an accident involving an injury or not, everyone should have a chiropractic examination to ensure your body’s health.

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