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Chiropractic Care

In my Novato office I use low force adjustments to correct the mis-lignments and take the pressure off the pinched nerves. With most adjustments I do in my office there is No Popping or twisting. All the patient feels is some light pressure or tapping. I also integrate over 20 additional techniques to help support and compliment the adjustment.  All patients in my office receive soft tissue techniques such as Trigger point therapy, Graston technique or IASTM, massage, Proprioceptive Neural Facilitation or PNF, Somatic Therapy and Applied Kinesiology (AK) to help relax tightened muscles and strengthen weak muscles. I also use ultrasound, microcurrent stimulation, interferential electrical stimulation, cold laser or Low Light Therapy, laser and electrical acupuncture help control swelling, reduce pain and speed healing.  See the Services and Techniques page for more information.

Modern Chiropractic began in 1895 and has gone through many changes through the years.  Science and research has brought many developments and improvements.  But the basic theories and concepts have held up to the test of time.  The brain and the nervous system control everything in the body.  The spinal cord comes down from the brain and through the spine and out to the body.   When a vertebra becomes stuck or misaligned (subluxation), it irritates the nerve supply and causes whatever is at the end of the nerve to malfunction.  Pain is usually  what brings a patient to a Chiropractor’s office. However, subluxations cause more than just pain, they cause stress in the body and a loss of vitality.  Pain is the tip of the iceberg.  It is actually one of the last signs that you have problem.  Most patients who come to my office have had their problems for a long time before they begin to have pain.  Over time, the discs and other vertebral joints will degenerate and narrow, and this in turn will cause more nerve interference.

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Subluxations are actually part of a complex called the Vertebral Subluxation Complex or VSC.   The VSC is a viscous cycle where a vertebra becomes misaligned or jammed from some sort of trauma, stress or organ problem.  This causes nerve irritation and interference.  The disturbed nerves cause muscle spasms and muscle weakness and scar tissue.  Then the disc and vertebral joints start to degenerate.  The space between the bones becomes narrower and then the nerve beomes even more irritated  and the whole cycle continues on and on.  Restoring normal movement and alignment is vitally important to maintaining good health.

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