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How to Get Started

Getting started with functional medicine at my office involves several steps. The first step is to determine whether or not I can help you. I don’t accept every patient. Please click below or call my office for a free 15 minute consultation. At this consultation I will ask some questions to see if you have a problem I can help. If you are a good candidate for integrative functional medicine, I will give you some questionnaires to fill out. The second step is to schedule an Initial Assessment, which includes a  consultation and exam.

At the Initial Assessment I will ask you  not only about your current problem, but also about your whole health history to uncover the origins of your condition. I am kind of like a medical detective.  The more information I  get the better.  I will also perform several tests to get more information about your health.  You will probably need some lab tests.  Once I get the test results back, I will create a plan of action. The third step is to make another appointment for the Report of Findings. At the Report of Findings I will explain what I found and give you your treatment program..

What to Expect

Treatment programs vary according to condition, severity and how long you have had your symptoms.  Treatment programs go through several phases, correcting one set of problems at a time in the proper order to get the best results. Usually most people need at least a three-month program to turn things around.  For complex or longstanding problems, it can take 4-9 months. In a typical treatment plan initially, patients come in once a week for 6 weeks for monitoring and treatment. After that, a patient might be seen once every  two weeks for another six to eight  weeks.

Often dietary changes are necessary to get the problem under control.  Usually most patients require a combination of dietary and lifestyle changes and natural supplements. I also incorporate Meridian therapy and Visceral Manipulation with my patients who live nearby.  Stress reduction techniques such as Neuro-Emotional Technique are also important.  Most people have several problems and we can’t work on all problems at once. I use my experience to decide which areas or systems we need to work on first.

Unfortunately, there is no quick fix or magic bullet. These things can take time. It takes work on the patients part. And sometimes you can actually feel worse at first.  Most people’s problems develop over time and it can take time for the body to change.


After about 6-12 weeks, we will probably re-do some of your lab tests to monitor your progress. Re-testing is very important. Follow-up tests tell us how your body is responding and to see if we need to change or stop any supplements or treatments. Without re-testing, we are just guessing!

Click here or call my office to make an appointment for a free 15 minute consultation. Then print and fill out the Metabolic Assessment questionnaire below. You can stop by and pick up the forms or I can mail them to you as well.

If I decide that I can accept you as patient, Print out the other forms and please get copies of all the lab test reports from all the other doctors you have seen.  I need to receive the questionnaires and lab reports at least 24 hours, before your appointment so I can study them. Be sure to call, if you have any questions.

Functional Medicine Forms

Functional Medicine Questionnaire 

Metabolic Assessment Form

Brain Health Assessment Form

One Day Diet Diary

Children’s Brain Health Assessment Form

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