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Saliva Adrenal and Sex Hormone Testing

Saliva hormone testing is a great noninvasive way to get an accurate status of a patient’s hormone levels.  I use Diagnos-Techs Laboratory.  They are a very accurate lab. They have been doing saliva testing for over 25 years and have a long successful track record.  Saliva hormone testing measures free unbound hormones.  Measuring free hormones gives us a longer term picture of the hormone status.  Also, multiple samples can be acquired in one day or over a period of weeks without having to take multiple blood draws.

The patient below had  an abnormal circadian rhythm, which means that she might have difficulty sleeping and feel tired in the morning. low normal cortisol (stress hormone) levels, low DHEA levels and estrone (an estrogen) levels.  This indicates the her stress physiology is shifting to try make up the decreasing cortisol levels.  This is typical stress physiology. We were able to make great changes and improve how she feels by using some natural supplements and making some lifestyle changes.

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