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New Patient Center

Welcome to Whittlesey Natural Health Center! In this section you will find out how you can become a new patient. You can download Patient Intake Forms, take a tour of our office, use our My First Visit Interactive Tour, and learn more about your responsibilities as our patient. Please select a topic below that you would like to learn more about.

New patients are seen by appointment only.

To make an appointment, please call our office at 415-898-0889 or download the New Patient Forms.  There are two sets of forms.  One set is for patients who have been in an accident or are in pain such as back pain, headache or neck pain.  The other set of forms is for patients with functional medicine/Internal problems such as fatigue, digestive problems or hypothyroidism.  This set is much more comprehensive. If you have both types of problems, then fill out the both sets of forms.  Select the set that best suits your type of condition.  For patients with pain or injury problems, complete the forms and then call and set up an appointment.  Bring the forms with you to your appointment.

Patients who have Functional Medicine or Internal problems please complete all the forms,  get your lab reports from all your previous doctors and then mail or e-mail the completed forms to my office.  You can also fax the completed forms to: 866-409-0529. Once we have received all the needed information, we will call you and set up an appointment.


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