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Activator Methods Technique

Activator Methods is one the most researched chiropractic techniques. It is low force and there is no popping or twisting. The Activator Methods analysis helps the doctor determine where to adjust, when to adjust, and (more importantly) when not to adjust. The patient merely has to lie down on a comfortable table and perform specific motions with her arms, legs, and head. Since all your muscles are powered by nerves and attached to bones, the motions you make with your arms and head affect every part of your body. If there is mis-alignment in any specific area a change will be observed.  This type of analysis is very accurate.

I have used it my practice for 27 years with good success. The adjustment is made with a high speed low force instrument.  In my office I use the Impulse instrument made by Neuromechanical Innovations to make the adjustment. I integrate this this technique with Impulse Adjusting technique, Thompson Technique and Applied Kinesiology analysis for the best results. I am one of the few chiropractors in Novato and Marin who combines these techniques.

Here is a video and website for Activator Methods:

There are many ways for a chiropractor to analyze your nerves, muscles, and bones in order to detect points of injury (or subluxation). Some methods involve using computers and technology, others require a doctor’s touch. The beauty behind the Activator Methods analysis system is its simplicity: by closely monitoring your body’s reactions to performing certain motions and movements, the chiropractor is able to quickly identify which areas of your body are neurologically compromised. An injury to your shoulder, for example, will cause your entire body to tense upon motion. Your body has certain predictable patterns of reflex and compensation mechanics that the Activator Methods chiropractor is trained to recognize.

Since the Activator chiropractor re-analyzes each patient at each visit, each patient is assured of having a personalized adjustment tailored to their exact needs on that day. The Activator analysis not only indicates those areas of the body which need to be adjusted, it also indicates which areas of the body have healed and are no longer in need of chiropractic care!

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