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Brimhall Percussion Fascia Release

Brim hall Percussion Fascia Release NovatoPercussion is a very effective method of releasing the tension or restriction of the fascia in the body. This technique was developed by Dr. Robert Fulford, an osteopathic doctor. I was trained by John Brimhall DC who further developed this technique. The fascia is the layer or membrane of connective tissue that covers all the muscles, organs, brain and spinal cord. Tension in the fascia can be caused by physical and emotional trauma or bad posture.

Psychological and emotional traumas are often stored in the fascia. Restrictions in the fascia restrict the normal flow of blood and cerebral spinal fluid and perpetuate muscle and joint dysfunction and result in pain. In this method, I use one hand to hold and control the fascia and the other hand uses an instrument called a Percussor (it looks like a big vibrator) to percuss the fascia until I feel it release. I use the percussor to release restrictions in the organs and  the bones of the cranium.

I am the only chiropractor in Novato and Marin who provides this technique.

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