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Cold Laser Therapy

I use 3 different types of lasers in my office.  I use an infrared 808nm 300mw laser for speeding healing time and pain control. Infared lasers are invisible and penetrate deeper into the body. I also use a 635nm 100 mw laser for restoring nerve and muscle function.  I also 635 nm 20 mw laser probes for treating acupuncture points. The 635nm lasers are bright red.

Low level laser acts as a bio-activator. The bio-activation causes the cells to function at a higher capacity than before. The non-thermal photons from the hand-held laser pass through the first few centimeters of the skin, from there it reaches the target where it is absorbed, and then reacts with the light sensitive elements of the cell. This simulates the damaged cells to increase their energy production (ATP), which is used to transform the damaged cells into healthy active cells again.

It is very similar to photosynthesis in plants, where sunlight is absorbed by the plants cells, which then converts that sunlight into energy enabling the plant to grow. After the cell absorbs the laser’s light, it sets off a series of healing events inside the cell resulting in a normalized cell that is free of damage, all the while leaving the capillaries and other cells untouched and free from damage. So it can used to help a variety of problems.

Cold laser therapy is very safe.

Most patients do not feel anything.  Some feel a pleasant warm sensation.

One of the main things I use it for is to “turning on” nerves that have been shut off or only partially transmitting nerve impulses. For example, if a muscle is weak because it is not receiving the proper amount of nerve impulses, I can stimulate the nerve so it can send the proper flow of electricity.  It can also be used to restore normal function to parts of the brain and cranial nerves.  Cold laser therapy is also very successful in treating injuries and wounds that won’t heal.  In addition, I use it for improving organ function.

I help patients in Novato and all of Marin and Sonoma counties.

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